2014 Spokane Wellness Seminar Tips: How To Be Mentally Strong

Visiting the state of Washington to attend the 2014 Spokane Wellness Seminar was undeniably a spur-of-the-moment decision for the team. The invitation came a few days before the D-day, but we only thought of going 24 hours prior to that. Once it was over, though, we realized how much information about psychology well-being we would have missed if we, say, chose to ignore the conference and slept through the weekend.

As a perfect reminder of that day, allow us to share several tips on how to be mentally healthy.

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1. Assess Your Thinking Pattern

The first thing you may do to boost your mental wellness is to identify your thought pattern. To be specific, what do you think of when you fail at achieving something? How do you react when someone criticizes you? Various answers can emerge from these basic questions, but you should know better than to continue following the ones that involve taking revenge or calling yourself stupid since they are unhealthy thoughts.

2. Understand Where Your Feelings Are Coming From

Whenever you feel sad or mad, it can never be enough to say that it is because another person wronged you. You are starting the blame game by doing so, and that does not lead to excellent relationships at all. What you should do instead is find out why you experience such emotions. For instance, did you expect too much? Did you get embarrassed? Only after knowing the reason behind your feelings can you function wisely.

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3. Opt To Act Positively All The Time

Finally, it is no mystery that there will be days when you won’t want to care about norms or others’ feelings because you don’t feel good yourself. Someone may also ruin your mood or stress you out, to the extent that your temper explodes on everyone’s faces often. However, remember that a mentally stable individual never allows his or her emotions to dictate his or her actions. You should think of your options before doing anything so that you get to pick a positive reaction to any situation you encounter.


Help yourself to become mentally strong by following the tips above. Good luck!

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